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Thanks for visiting my website. 

I developed this site to let you know how Christian Counseling can help you be an overcomer.  I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit me on this site.

People seek out counseling for specific reasons.  Maybe your problems are getting worse even though you have been trying to make things better.  Maybe your marriage has turned into a nightmare rather than what you dreamed about.  Are you having trouble coping with the things you are facing?  Do you feel stressed, depressed or anxious?  I am interested in finding out what you need help with and helping you develop a Christ centered plan that helps you overcome your problems.  Please contact me at 865-414-4284 so we can talk about your problems.  Professional, Christ centered help is available.

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10 am to 6 pm

Please get in touch to offer conments and join my mailing list.

Dr. Sue Townsend, LPC, MHSP
Certified Christian Sex Therapist
111 Center Park Drive
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